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New York Tech Support and Knowledge

Everyday critical IT systems are mis-handled by bad administration and failure to report to upper-tier personnel about the status of applications or hardware.

By setting up a proper deployment guide, you can reduce your downtime drastically and provide your employees with far more stability in their tech support and maintenance.

Why should your CEO have trouble accessing email? Under what circumstances is it acceptable for a consultant doing a demo to lose connectivity? When can you deal with system errors and when can you not accept them under any circumstances? Should you be waiting for resources when they should be available during working hours?

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Your road map in how you prepare your technology today will determine how far along you will come in the future. All of your equipment, whether it is Dell, HP, IBM or EMC is going to need to be systematically designed so that hardware failures don’t impact your day to day operations directly and instead are the core of your business model and expectations.

Today you want the best service you can afford. Tomorrow you may regret the decision if you didn’t plan for outages or setup a Business Continuity Plan. By most standards, these are the critical elements your environment will need regardless of what your budget is for the year. Think outside the box of fulfilling today’s needs and focus on how this morning’s great buy can influence next year’s critical infrastructure downtime.

Once you learn to plan accordingly, instead of just grabbing at the next technology straw, you’ll be putting yourself and your firm in a position of market dominance by way of enhanced communication and markedly improved up-time.